DSS strives to provide industry-leading, innovative tools to maximize data availability from start to finish. DSS’s exceptional team of subject matter technical experts offers a number of services for any size data center including:

  • Delivering comprehensive storage assessments to optimize availability and scalability Employing SAN Fitness Tests for real-time, deep layer monitoring
  • Guiding organizations through the latest trends in technology
  • Providing capacity planning, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  for optimal Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Advising storage network administrators on best practices in SAN and backup technologies

DSS Storage Engineers and Information Analysts can deliver business-driven data storage solutions. The DSS team employs their experienced capabilities to more effectively utilize assets and manage complexity. DSS understands how organizations store, manage, access and deliver data – all key to building an information infrastructure that allows clients to leverage more information, more efficiently. 

Data Storage Strategy

DSS provides customers with sound, industry-leading storage solutions that range from implementing a storage area network to enhancing or auditing existing storage architecture.

The strategy  of DSS is to create the most cost- effective, efficient, and industry-compliant data center that best the fits the client’s storage needs. 

Based on an extensive and thorough assessment of the organization, the DSS team of industry-certified Storage Engineers and Information Analysts focuses on solutions to optimize storage infrastructure without compromising performance. 

DSS Storage Engineers and Information Analysts can develop innovative, customized strategies and recommendations for Storage Area Network (SAN) implementation, or the enhancement of existing storage architecture. 

Advisory Service

DSS employs experienced, industry-certified talent dedicated to customer satisfaction. The DSS Storage Engineers and Analysts deliver strategic guidance to organizations of all sizes.

DSS can provide guidance and verification during the procurement and maintenance of storage assets, which ensures the integrity of an organization’s hardware, software, and business-critical data. 

DSS can assume an advisory role by working one-on-one with engineering to C Level management, to facilitate long-term storage strategies and implementation.

This support increases the reach, speed, and power of solution execution for organizations of all sizes.  

Storage Operations and Maintenance 

Performance: The Storage Engineers and Information Analysts at DSS provide real-time and ongoing support to achieve optimization.

The team deploys the latest technology to configure, test, measure, and adjust all aspects of a Storage Area Network (SAN) and Backup infrastructure. 

DSS supports the day-to-day operation and maintenance of any storage system by extracting data, running analyses, and generating reports on the physical and financial status of storage assets. 


With knowledge of best practices gathered over many years of experience, the DSS  team offers troubleshooting advice and recommendations for the most-effective tool-set to enhance storage operation, such as data tiering, consolidation, and virtualization. 



The DSS development team utilize a vast array of industry-leading tools to monitor Storage Area Network (SAN) environments of all sizes and configurations.  

DSS develops storage tools to provide transparency and accountability to the organization.

Create custom views of the storage environment, providing usage of storage resources mapped to servers and applications. 

DSS  assists in the implementation of these tools thereby reducing complexity, allowing for a quicker Return On Investment (ROI) and efficiently utilizing available storage space. 

Storage Efficiency

Decisions made today about storage capacity, hardware connectivity, even geographic location can affect the performance and scalability of the Storage Area Network (SAN) tomorrow.  

Having the right tools to understand the organization’s data growth, and knowing how to manage the increasing storage and financial needs of the data center long term, is key to creating and maintaining an effective and efficient data center. 

From assessing the health and security of the SAN with deep layer, real-time monitoring, to modeling a customized topology for a virtualized data center, DSS can guide the organization through all aspects of the storage infrastructure, allowing the organization to make fully-informed decisions about current and future storage needs. 

The DSS team of Engineers and Analysts can maximize the organization’s operating efficiency and verify the SAN will provide optimal performance over its lifetime. Big or small, local or international, organizations can rely on DSS  to offer architectural and planning solutions that can lower costs, minimize risks, and realize new opportunities for the data center.