Federal Civilian

Federal Civilian

Application Development


Our client required tools, techniques and processes be developed to improve transparency and predictability of data storage consumption across the Agency.

The DSS Role

DSS is a Sub-contractor on an IDIQ contract, currently providing data Storage Resource Management (SRM) and Engineering professional services for a large federal agency of more than 20,000 Federal and contractor staff, based in Virginia.

Our Approach

The DSS team implemented Agile/Lean techniques to improve the clients view of data storage consumption; Developed tools to allow for consolidated reporting to track storage/hosts dependencies and created API’s for integration with other COTS and custom tools already in use. With output from these tools, our team conducted consolidation, re-tiering and decommissions where appropriate; developed and implemented internal chargeback and invoicing capabilities; improved storage order entry and accuracy; developed and implemented TCO modeling and forecasting strategies and capabilities.

Client Benefit

Upon completion the client realized:

  • Operational Cost savings of $10 million
  • A transparent view of consumption by organization
  • A reduction in man hour spent developing and merging reports from multiple systems
  • Ability to use the TCO modeling for resource and forecast planning